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CBU Mailboxes


Sandstone is the standard color utilized by the USPS. We keep this color in stock at our Tualatin Warehouse. Other colors are available to be ordered via the "CBU Mailbox (Other Colors)" item.

The CBU mailboxes are the industry standard for outdoor grouped mailboxes. They are used extensively in neighborhoods, Apartments, Condos and Business complexes. Each CBU fetures Secure Outgoing mail as well as secure parcel recepticals. CBUS also share the same Footprint and installed height, so they can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.The CBU's come in 6 Models

  • Type I (8 Tenants, 2 Parcel)
  • Type II (12 Tenants, 1 Parcel)
  • Type III (16 Tenants, 2 Parcels)
  • Type IV (13 Tenants, 1 Parcel)
  • Type V (4 Oversize Tenants, 2 Parcels)
  • Type VI (8 Tenants, 4 parcels)

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