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What kind of mailbox do I need?

You have a choice between a single mailbox or a cluster box.  Single mailboxes are ideal if you do not share a post with your neighbors or in a rural area.  If you share a post we carry adapter brackets that hold 2, 3, or 4 single mailboxes.  If you have more than four you will need a mix of adapter brackets on multiple posts to have the correct number of total boxes. Another option for more than four residents would be a group box. 

Can Mailbox Solutions install my mailbox for me?

We offer installation services to the Portland Metro Area.  Call (503-486-5575) or email (danell@mbxs.com) for a quote today. 

Where are the single mailboxes made?

All of our single mailboxes, posts, and accessories are manufactured in Oregon. The products we produce ourselves are built right here in Sherwood, Oregon. 

What do I do if I've lost my keys?

If you've lost all of your keys, you'll need a new lock. For the group mailboxes, locks are typically readily available through any locksmith (not a hardware store!), or you can order one through us. The mailboxes manufactured by Mailbox Solutions use a “Euro-Lock,” and you likely won’t be able to find one except through Mailbox Solutions.  We recommend hiring a locksmith to swap out the lock for you.

How can I get additional keys?

If your mailbox keys say “CompX” or “National” on them, you should be able to have a locksmith duplicate an original key for you. If your key says “Euro Lock” then you will need to purchase the blanks from Mailbox Solutions (Click Here) and take those to a locksmith for duplication from an original Key.

Why doesn't my key work anymore?

Over time keys and locks tend to pick up dust and lint. This debris often works it’s way into the springs and pins inside the keyway of the lock. The result is a key that struggles sliding into the lock, or a lock that once the key is in, won’t turn, which is a common issue, and luckily it is easy to fix yourself. The lock needs to be flushed out and lubricated using a penetrating oil like Slick 50 1 Lube, WD40 or PB Blaster. Just squirt some of the penetrating oil into the slot of the lock and start working the key in and out while using a clean paper towel to wipe the dirty oil away. WARNING! DO NOT USE A GRAPHITE BASED LUBRICANT!

Do I need to order a flag separate from the box?

Nope, your mailbox will come with a flag. 

Do I need to order a lock separate from the box?

Nope, your lock of choice already installed (key or push button) on the box when you order it.

What is the difference between an in-ground post and a surface post?

In ground posts will be installed into the dirt and secured with concrete. 

Surface posts will be mounted on the sidewalk by drilling holes and then securing the base with bolts. 

How many keys do I get with my mailbox?

Each box comes with two keys. 

Can Mailbox Solutions boxes be installed in masonry?

Yes, Mailbox Solutions boxes can be installed in masonry.  We do not perform any masonry work but we can refer you to some awesome masons who have installed our boxes in their previous projects. 

How do I clean my mailbox?

Use any car wash detergent.  You can use a spray and wipe UV protectant to help maintain the finish over time. 

Can I repaint my box? 

Yes, you can use a rust inhibiting paint. 

When I put outgoing mail in the box it falls into the bottom where I collect my mail. How do I send outgoing mail?

There is a clip on the hopper door that you will use to prevent the mail from falling to the bottom. When the carrier opens the hopper door to deliver the mail they will take the outgoing mail. 


How long is my quote valid? 

Your quote is valid for 30 days.