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Introducing the Columbia-Gorge Security Mailbox!!

Shari Schildan Columbia Columbia-Gorge Gorge Locking Mailboxes Made in Oregon Made in USA Mailbox Solutions llc Original Security Mailboxes

We did it!! We took our two long term popular mailboxes, the Columbia with the outgoing compartment no packages and the Gorge with the hopper for packages with no outgoing and morphed them into one fantastic box.

The Columbia-Gorge or the CoGo. It has an incoming hopper door that accepts small bulky packages such as medications and treats for your furry family member. It also accepts the #1 size USPS flat rate box. You can't reach in.

The Columbia-Gorge comes with an outgoing mail clip and a red flag.

Currently the Columbia-Gorge is in stock in Black, only. 

 Where did the name come from? If you live in Northern Oregon or Southern  Washington you are very familiar with the Columbia Gorge. It's a magnificent cut through the canyons created by millennia of rushing water. The dams along the river provide hydro-electric power to large portions of the US. The terrain varies from coastal wind swept pine through the valley with lush green farms and forests on into barren desert country.

Heading east along the Washington side

Hood River OR Wind Surfing Capital of the World

This mailbox may not be as magnificent as the actual Columbia Gorge, but it will keep your mail safe while you are out enjoying the beauty of nature in your local area.




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