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Do I Need to Call the Post Office and Other Questions

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                                                      NO IF...

No, you do not need to call the post office if you are replacing your old battered, rusting bread box shaped non-locking mailbox. Just buy your new locking mailbox, make sure the post is the correct height and replace your old one. Done.

New Locking mailboxes from MBXS

 NO if your are installing individual mailboxes, even a group of them as shown above.

                                                      YES IF...

Yes, if you are getting a NEW CBU also known as a Group Mailbox you will need to contact your local Postmaster. The Postmaster is the only one who can approve changing the way your mail is delivered. This type of box is shown below. These are new houses being built and the builder got permission from the local Postmaster to install this box, with locked outgoing mail and package boxes built in. How sweet is that. 

Group Mailbox

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