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Hi everyone, my name is Paul and I have been the installer at Mailbox Solutions for over 20 years! Needless to say I have seen just about everything you can imagine in regards to mailboxes, from odd mailboxes to interesting items left behind in abandoned mailboxes, to lots and lots of Duct Tape and bailing wire. I'm going to hopping on this blog to give you a little window into the things we do at Mailbox Solutions. I like to share before and after pictures, and also tips on how to install your mailbox properly to meet all the appropriate codes. Buckle up everyone, Let's Do This!

Last week Mailbox Solutions upgraded a group of 3 neighbors from regular old non-locking R1 (the standard old mailbox), into a new setup featuring our Columbia Gorge Security Locking Mailbox. The old mailboxes had been in place for at least 30 years would be my guess. Take a look!

What I do in a situation like this is actually to dig out the old post and any concrete so we aren't leaving behind extra debris. I set the new post in concrete making sure the setback from curb, height and alignment meet the USPS requirements and it is optimized for the carrier to deliver to... It also has to be perfectly level! After all of that is ready time for the new boxes, here we are!

All of our locking security mailboxes are MADE in the USA, and of super high quality and durability. Give us a call for your next Mailbox!

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